The Template Engine is, in every aspect, a layered game. It can be utilized as a d100 system to its most complex potential for the stat conscientious gamers, or simplified to a quick and easy d10 version for people who want to role play more than role dice. The default standard of play runs somewhere in between the two extremes, with various optional rules that can be added or ignored at the players' discretions. TE also allows gamers to immerse themselves in any genre, be it traditional fantasy, a historical settings, a modern day adventure, science fiction, or any combination of cross-genre. We give you the tools to fulfill any adventure you can imagine.

Beyond the Veil is just the first of many more premade settings to utilize the Template Engine. We have developed an entire fantasy universe complete with locations, items, new and unique races, talents, a magic system, and infinite story possibilities. For the computer, traverse four full worldlets, each uniquely realized and rife with turmoil and adventure. Later, as the online game develops, use your veil ship to sail through the nether of space and explore a dozen other worldlets from the book version, each with their own cultures, technologies, and adventures.